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Nike Air Cage Advantage are the high performance tennis shoes which have been designed to deliver excellent stability and comfort with each step. These shoes have tons of technologies used in their construction which offer long lasting durability and exceptional structural strength. These shoes have modern cage construction which has been engineered to ensure excellent breathability to keep the interior fresh and it also offers support to keep the performance at its peak. These shoes have synthetic material used in the construction of the upper which offers strength to the upper and it also offers greater fit. The upper has padded tongue which keeps the lace pressure off your feet and offers you comfortable fit. The collar has also been padded to keeps your ankle well support and comfortable. These shoes central lace up closure system which has been engineered to offers secure, personalized and perfect fit. The lacing system locks the foot down securely to ensure premium performance. The interior has been lined with mesh which enhances the breathability to keep the interior fresh. The lining also wicks off the moisture from the feet to deliver dry, fresh and odorless interior environment. This lining delivers luxurious instep feel and it prevents irritation and abrasion. The footbed has soft cushioning and it has been engineered to provide shocks absorption with each step to keep the fatigue away from your feet. The footbed has been wrapped with the mesh as which offers smooth surface for your feet. These shoes have midsole made from Phylon and it features Air Max heel unit which is visible. This midsole attenuates shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful shocks to ensure luxurious comfort and zero stress. The midsole makes your ride more resilient for excellent performance. These shoes also have midfoot shank which has been engineered to ensure stability and excellent foot control. The outsole of these shoes has been made from Nike GDR rubber compound which offers long lasting durability. The outsole has milti-pattern design which has been configured to provide grip on different types of surfaces for skid free ride. These imported shoes weigh 1 pound and 2 ounces as per size 11.5. This style can be found in these colors: Brave Blue, White, Gamma Blue, Dusty Grey and Volt/ White/ Dusty Grey/ Brave Blue.




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