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Nike Air Diamond Trainer are premium shoes which have been designed to deliver great performance to today's athletes. These shoes have been made using modern day technologies which ensure long lasting comfort, stability and support. The rich and finest quality materials used in the construction of these shoes offers endless durability and reliability. The upper has been made from lightweight synthetic leather which offers long lasting durability and it also gives the upper excellent structural strength. The upper has padded collar which offers exceptional comfort and support to your ankle. The tongue has also been padded to ensure comfort and it keeps the low pressure off your feet. The upper has lace up closure system which helps of lock the foot down securely for premium performance. The interior of these shoes has been lined with soft material which offers breathability to keep the interior environment fresh and cool. The lining keeps your feet irritation free so you can wear these shoes for long time. This lining draws off the moisture from your feet to ensure maximum healthy and dry wearing. The insole has premium cushioning from heel to toe which keeps your feet extremely comfortable. The footbed has been designed to fade away harmful shocks with each step. These shoe have full length Phylon midsole which features Air Sole Heel Unit. The midsole dissipates shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful shocks and stress to deliver you unmatched comfort. The heel unit enhances the shocks absorption and it keeps your feet and legs stress free. The outsole has been made from rubber which deliver long lasting wear. The outsole has been engineered with nubby bottom which offers cross training traction to ensure skid free mobility. The outsole also offers flexibility and stability to ensure high performance. These shoes weigh 12 ounces as per size 8.5. This style can be found in these colors: Silver/ White/ Black.


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Ever since it became news that the "scientists" were manipulating the data and other unethical processes, and it was publicized how the "deniers" were not allowed to be part of the debate, I do not believe a word about climate change.  The experts all have their careers, reputation, and grants dependent upon their proving that global warming (whoops - climate change) is occurring.  With my science background, this climate change is the first issue I have ever come across where "scientists" were found fudging data (other than a few medical researchers here and there). Very sad. And how many millions has Gore made from his now-debunked assertions. At his press conference with President Hollande on the ISIS threat earlier in the week, Obama was more interested in talking about kissing Michelle in Paris and the upcoming climate change conference. Hand it to him that he has his priorities straight. (sarc) Why are there climate change skeptics or deniers and no climate change fantasist? Has anyone born after 1977 ever tried to read an analog thermometer? They were marked in 2 degree increments; no one ever gave a temperature of an odd number back then. But we are supposedly 1 degree warmer on average now including 100 years of this kind of data; and this is compared against an 4,100,000,000 year old planet??

They made one incorrect assumption in the video, which was that ice core data shows that small changes in CO2 concentrations produced large changes in global temperature. It is actually the reverse. Large changes in global temperatures caused small changes in CO2 concentrations. Why? Because every scientist you ask will tell you that the primary causes of climate change in the prehistoric past are solar cycles (which cause short term changes), periodic orbital cycles (which cause regular ice ages) and geological changes (which cause irregular shifts). There were no natural phenomenon (volcanoes for example) which caused those CO2 levels to shift.
You also made an incorrect assumption that doubling CO2 levels would dramatically alter the earth's radiative balance. It would not. CO2 concentrations are so small that it has a very small impact compared to water vapor, which accounts for almost all greenhouse effects. I have a problem with ice cores because they only come from the polar regions of the earth. I do not understand how those regions can then be used to explain all of Earth's temperature for past ages. At best they can be used for trends but not absolute values for temperature for the whole Earth.

At best, we only have 130 years of "recorded" history on Earth's temperature so proclaiming that one year is the hottest on record is just nonsense. Comprehensive and balanced article...sure to be derided by the warmest camp as FFfunded denialism. A challenge to those who chose to use this increasingly diluted and meaningless "denialist" meme....what propaganda or misrepresentation of scientific facts in the article concern you? The article certainly "denies" the conventional political and environmental consensus (gasp) but not the scientific one. The scientific references are credible. Well written piece...and we can only hope the outcome from the Paris talks is one of empirics and pragmatism, not environmental justice warrior.


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