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Nike Air Max Cage are women specific high performance athletic shoes which have been engineered to ensure unmatched cushioning, stability, support and flexibility. These shoes features tons of technologies which deliver fantabulous tennis court performance. These shoes have been women specific last. The upper of these shoes has been made from one piece TPU which offers excellent support and it is also lightweight. The upper offers premium durability to ensure long lasting wear. The upper also offers breathability and it allows fresh air to channel through these shoes to ensure cool and fresh interior environment. The tongue has been padded and it has been wrapped to ensure seamless feel. The tongue padding keeps the lace pressure off your feet to ensure snug and comfortable fit. The heel has synthetic leather which offers greater durability for long lasting wear. The collar of these shoes has also been padded to ensure snug and comfortable support to your ankle. The upper has lace up closure system which has been engineered to ensure secure and personalized fit to deliver you premium performance. These shoes feature New Eyestay system which has been designed to deliver better lock down of the feet. The forefoot area is shortened which keeps the weight of these shoes less and it also offers greater flexibility. These shoes have internal wear shelf which offers flexibility and durability. The midfoot has special stability on the lateral side which offers support while sprints and sudden change of direction. The interior of these shoes feature high pressure Max Air unit bag which has been designed to attenuate shocks upon impact and it offers stunning and unmatched comfort. The shank of these shoes has been made from TPU which offers stability and support to make your each step more controlled. The outsole has been made of XDR rubber which offers long lasting wear and durability. The outsole has mix herringbone traction pattern which has been engineered to deliver grip and traction on various terrains for skid free ride. These imported shoes weigh 12 ounces as per size 8.5. This style can be found in these colors: Green Glow/ Geyser Grey/ Armory Navy/ White, Pink Foil/ White/ Purple Dynasty/ Violet Frost, White/ Pure Platinum/ Gamma Blue, White/ Geyser Grey/ Atomic Red/ Atomic Pink and Anthracite/ Volt/ Pure Platinum/ White.




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Obama desperately wants to claim some kind of victory. He has failed at just about everything he tried to do over the last 7+ years. But climate change is vague and difficult to prove in the near term. So by trying to act he has a clue about what will happen on our planet in the next 25 or 50 years, he thinks people will actually think did something before he leaves the presidency in shame!! All of this aside, the most excessive environmentalists will continue to wax darkly prophetic because this is, after all, what they do for a living, and there arenít too many examples of people willingly making their occupations obsolete. But, while itís not a bad thing that Paris will come and go with likely no new commitments to turn the world green in five minutes, itís actually a bad thing that it likely will end with NOTHING useful agreed.

We do have reports of populated, low-lying archipelagos being inundated and coral stands dying off, regardless of whether human activity is causing this or itís merely the cyclical turn of normal and natural climatic variance. Thereís already a lot of agitation for us to take in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees Ė Iíd just as soon not have to fight the unrestrained entry of homeless archipelago residents. Far better for Paris to focus on things we can do to counter effects we see and plan for those that MAY occur in future. Mr. Ridley could have reminded his readers that there is no credible theory that relates the trillions to be spent (taken from workers and investors) spent on reducing CO2 emissions to actual reductions in temperature. Given that burning fossil fuel accounts for only 4% of total CO2 emissions ... decaying plant and animal matter accounts for 96% ... it is indeed unlikely that a trillion dollars wasted on controlling CO2 emissions will have a measurable effect on temperature.

Just like the victory Obama crowed so much about in Kyoto, namely, that it was okay for China to continue increasing the rate of their emissions and only peak until 2030, that while we had to cut our own emissions by 20% by 2025. Obama sure is the master of giveaway deals and he is amazingly proud of them. Interesting datum. That too is the core base to whom Obama is always pitching his speeches and divisiveness, and to whom Bernie Sanders and Hillary are tuning their messages. They are the people that the Founding Fathers found so dangerous, the same people that in Athens would vote on the guilt or innocence of an accused person at trial, and the reason they made us a representative Republic and not a direct democracy.


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