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Nike Air Max Run Lite 4 are highly comfortable and durable training shoes which have tons of technologies used in their construction. These shoes have lightweight and flexible construction which offers you excellent mobility. The plush soft interior takes premium care of your feet so you can wear these shoes for long time. These shoes have upper made from mono mesh which is very lightweight and offers breathability to keep the interior environment fresh. The upper has TPU film overlays which offers premium support and makes the upper more flexible. The upper also features overlays of synthetic leather which enhance the durability of the upper and offer structural strength. The upper has plush soft tongue which keeps the lace pressure off your feet for all day long comfort. The collar has also been padded to keeps your ankle supported and comfortable. The upper has lace up closure system which allows you secure, snug and personalized fit for exceptional performance. The interior has been lined with fabric which offers superior instep feel and it offers protection from irritation and blisters. This lining wicks off the moisture from your feet to ensure dry, healthy and fresh interior environment. The insole has been cushioned with foam which is plush soft and it molds as per the shape of your feet for custom fit. The footbed can be removed to replace with your customized orthotics. These shoes have full length midsole made from Phylon which offers excellent cushioning and support. This midsole unit also attenuates shocks with each step and it fades away harmful shocks upon impact. The midsole features Air Sole Unit which offers support and it enhances the shocks absorption to magnify the comfort. The outsole of these shoes has been made from environmentally friendly rubber which offers durability to the high wear areas of the outsole for long term use. The outsole has deep flex grooves which enhance the flexibility and allow natural and neutral mobility. The outsole has been designed to ensure grip on different types of surfaces for slip resistant ride. These imported shoes weigh 12 ounces as per size 11. This style can be found in these colors: Total Orange/ Blue Hero/ Armory Slate/ Wolf Grey, Hyper Blue/ Volt/ Metallic Cool Grey/ Midnight Navy, Black/ Challenge Red/ Volt/ Dark Charcoal, Pimento/ Hyper Blue/ Anthracite/ Cool Grey, Metallic Cool Grey/ Cool Grey/ Black/ Anthracite and Gym Red/ Black/ Dark Armory Blue.




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