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Nike Air Max Torch 4 are running shoes made for those who require additional cushioning and support. These shoes have superior cushioning to offer to ensure unmatched comfort, improved stability and superior performance. The use of lightweight and premium materials ensure long lasting durability and overall less weight. The upper of these shoes has been made from mesh which is lightweight and it offers breathability to keep the interior environment healthy and cool. The upper has rand made from synthetic material which adds more support and it offers long lasting durability. The upper has lace up closure system which offers personalized and snug fit to lock the foot down securely. The tongue has been padded to keep the lace pressure off your feet. The collar also has padding which gives support and comfort to your ankle. The interior has been lined with fabric which wicks off the moisture from the feet to deliver odorless and dry wearing. The lining also deliver premium instep feel and it protects feet from irritation. The footbed has been cushioned with foam which contours as per the shape of your feet to ensure custom fit. The footbed also offers superior support and comfort to allows you long wearing. These shoes have Air Sole unit in the midsole which dissipates shocks upon impact and fade away harmful shocks. The midsole features Phylon in the forefoot area which also absorbs shocks with each step and it enhances the comfort level. These shoes have outsole made from Abrasion Resistant BRS 1000 carbon rubber which offers exceptional durability to the high wear areas of the outsole for long term use. The outsole has Duralon's articulated segments which offers more cushioning and durability. The outsole has waffle fill configuration from solid rubber segments which offers excellent grip on different types of surfaces for slip resistant ride. These shoes weight 14 ounces as per size 9. This style can be found in these colors: Black/ Total Orange/ Metallic Grey/ Black.


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