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Nike Cheer Compete are women specific shoes which offers enhanced cushioning, ultimate support and best flexibility for natural mobility. These shoes have lightweight construction from top notch materials which offer long lasting wear. These shoes also have upper made from mesh which offers great breathability and it allows fresh air to channel through these shoes to keep the interior cool. The upper has synthetic leather overlays at the key support zones which offers excellent strength support and it makes the upper more flexible and durable. The upper has lace up closure system which offers secure and perfect fit. The tongue has been cushioned to keeps the lace pressure off your feet and it keep your feet in luxurious comfort. The collar has also been padded which offers support to your ankle. The interior has been lined with mesh which enhances the breathability and it also offers protection from irritation and bruises. This lining wicks the moisture off your feet and it deliver healthy and fresh wearing. The footbed has been cushioned and lined with mesh as well. This footbed contours as per the shape of your feet to offer personalized fit and it keeps the surface under your feet plush soft so you can stay on your feet all day long. The footbed also offers moisture management to improve the interior environment. The midsole has been made from Phylon which is lightweight and it delivers great support and stability. The midsole also offers stunning shocks absorption and it makes your ride more resilient. The outsole of these shoes has been made from Phylon as well which offers flexibility to ensure natural and neutral mobility. The outsole has rubber on specific areas which offer excellent traction and grip on different types of surfaces for slip resistant and secure ride. These imported shoes weigh just 8 ounces as per size 8.5 which is quite lightweight. This style can be found in these colors: Pure Platinum/ White/ White.


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