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Nike Flex Show TR 2 are super stylish sneakers which have been engineered to deliver premium stability and flexibility to give you perfect foot movement. These shoes have lightweight silhouette from top notch materials which offers long lasting durability. The cushioned and shock absorbing interior offers stunning comfort to help you keep moving forward without stress or fatigue. These shoes have upper made from leather and mesh combination. The mesh allows fresh air to channel through these shoes to keep the interior environment fresh while the leather gives structural strength to the upper and makes it more durable. The upper has padded collar which keeps your ankle in exceptional comfort and it also offers snug fit. The tongue has also been padded to multiply the comfort level and to keep lace pressure off your feet. These shoes have traditional lace up closure system which allows you secure fastening to ensure premium performance. The interior has been lined with mesh which multiples the breathability and it ensure fresh interior. This lining keeps your feet dry and fresh by absorbing the moisture off them. The footbed has been cushioned with EVA which contours as per the shape of your feet with gradual use to deliver personalized fit. The footbed also attenuates shocks upon impact and it offers energy return to make your ride comfortable. This footbed offers support and stability to enhance the comfort. The footbed can be removed to replace with your personalized orthotics. The midsole has been made from Phylon which is lightweight material and it also has shocks absorbing ability. The midsole also attenuates shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful shocks and stress. The midsole enhances the stability and it makes your ride smoother. These shoes have rubber inserts in the outsole which offers excellent grip on multiple terrains for slip resistant ride. The outsole has deep flex grooves which makes the whole shoe more flexible for excellent performance. These imported shoes have 1 inch heel and they weigh 10 ounces as per size 11. This style can be found in these colors: White/ Brave Blue/ Wolf Grey, University Red/ White/ Black, White/ Cool Grey/ Black, White/ Elctro Purple/ Armory Slate and Black/ Volt/ White.




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