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Nike Flight '13 are classic and stunning shoes which have been made from top notch and modern materials to deliver you long lasting durability. These shoes have highly cushioned interior which has been engineered to absorb shocks and stress with each step to deliver you massive comfort. These shoes have upper made from leather which offers exceptional durability. The upper has perforated details on the top which enhances the breathability to keep the interior environment fresh and cool. The upper also has overlays of synthetic material to make the upper more durable and structurally strong. The collar has full padding which offers snug fit and it also offers comfort and support to your ankle. The tongue has been padded as well which keeps off the lace pressure to deliver comfortable fit. The upper has traditional lace up closure system which offers secure, customized and snug fit. The tongue has Air Flight 2013 embroidered on to. The interior has mesh lining which adds breathability and it also offers irritation free wearing. This lining draws off the moisture from your feet and it delivers healthy and fresh wearing. These shoes have full length EVA footbed which contours as per the shape of your feet and it offers customized fit. The footbed also makes your ride more resilient and it keep the harmful shocks away from your feet. The footbed delivers tons of comfort and support so you can stay on your feet for long time. The toe has rubber bumper which offers protection and it has contrast stitch details which offers stylish looks and durability. The midsole has been made from PU which is lightweight and shocks absorbing. The midsole also disperse shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful shocks. The midsole has Nike Air Unit in the heel which offer additional shocks absorption to take the comfort on the whole new level. These shoes have outsole made from rubber which is lightweight and it offers excellent flexibility. The outsole has classic herringbone pattern which has been engineered to provide grip on multiple terrains. The outsole has flex grooves in the forefoot which offers premium flexibility to make your ride more natural and neutral. These imported shoes weigh pound and 2 ounces as per size 12. This style can be found in these colors: Black/ Electro Purple/ Anthracite/ White.


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