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Nike Free Edge TR are lightweight running shoes which has been designed for athletes which require additional cushioning and premium stability. These shoes offers closure to barefoot sensation to provide exceptional support and stability. These shoes have been engineered to ensure supreme comfort and unmatched foot control. These shoes have upper made from Nanoply which is very lightweight and it is comfortable to wear. The upper material molds as per the shape of your feet to give you snug fit. The upper material also offers breathability to allow fresh air to channel through these shoes for stunning freshness. The upper has Bootie collar silhouette which offers snug and comfortable fit so you can wear these shoes for long time. The upper also has lace up closure system which offers customized and secure fastening. The tongue has minimal design which offers more secure and perfect fit. The interior has smooth lining which wicks off the moisture from your feet to ensure dry and fresh wearing. This lining also offer premium instep feel and it prevents abrasion and irritation. These shoes have Nike 3.0 sockliner which has been lined with mesh to ensure plush soft cushioning and premium wearing. The midsole has been made from Phylite 3.0 which has dual density and it provides closure to the ground wearing. This midsole also offers lightweight cushioning and support to keep your ride maximum smooth. The outsole has Nike Free Sipes which have been engineered to ensure multi-directional traction on different types of surfaces. The outsole features rubber pods which offer grip and traction on different types of terrains for slip resistant and secure running. These shoes have women specific silhouette which has been engineered to ensure additional cushioning and stability. These imported shoes weigh just 8 ounces as per size 8.5 which is very lightweight. This style can be found in these colors: White/ Atomic Pink/ Anthracite/ Stealth, Atomic Pink/ Armory Navy/ Armory Slate/ Club Pink, Atomic Red/ Club Pink/ Stealth/ Black and Atomic Pink/ Flash Lime/ Light Armory Blue/ Armory Slate.




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