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Nike Free TR Fit 3 All Conditions are women specific shoes which have been designed to offer stunning stability and unbeatable comfort. These shoes have very lightweight construction which allows you to wear them all day long. The low profile construction of these shoes allow you closure to the ground feel for better performance. These fantabulous shoes have been engineered to deliver unmatched performance in sleet, snow or rain. The upper has been made from ripstop upper which offers stunning durability. The upper has transparent monomesh which offers lightweight protection and it also offers perfect fit. The upper has been engineered to deliver all weather comfort. These shoes have interior lined with Outlast which regulates the temperature inside these shoes to keep the interior environment cool or warm depending on the condition. This lining also deliver stunning instep feel and it allows you to wear these shoes all day long. The upper and internal supports have been fitted with foam which ensure snug fit and it also offer unmatched comfort. This foam also offers medial arch and lateral forefoot support to allow you comfort during cross counter training. The heel of these shoes have been designed to deliver excellent fit to variety of heel shapes to ensure snug and custom fit. The arch support has been made from foam which offers ultimate support and it multiplies the comfort level. The upper has traditional lace up closure which features high contrast laces. This lacing system offers customized and secure fit to allow you ultimate performance. The upper has reflective material used in its construction which offers visibility during low light conditions. These shoes have low profile silhouette which has been engineered to allow you to ride closure to the ground for added comfort and excellent stability. The outsole features training specific pattern which offers multi-directional traction on multiple terrains. The midsole has been made from Phylite which if lightweight and it offers premium shock absorption with each step. The midsole also offers support and it makes your ride more resilient to ensure excellent foot control and mobility. The outsole has been made from Phylite as well which helps in keeping the overall weight of the shoes very less. The outsole has rubber pods which at the forefoot and heel which keeps the high wear areas of the outsole durable for long term use. The outsole has Nike Free 5.0 Platform which features flex grooves. This technology offers exceptional flexibility to allow natural mobility and premium ride. The outsole offers barefoot like feel and it also allows you to stay on your feet for long time. These imported shoes weigh 6.8 ounces as per size 7.5 which is stunningly lightweight. This style can be found in these colors: Reflective Silver/ Purple Dynasty/ Raspberry/ Pink Foil and Reflective Silver/ Teal Tint/ Gamma Blue/ Volt.




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Not all astrophysicists, Niel D. Tyson is a great believer in Global warming and it's consensus. He touted it every chance he got on his show The Cosmos. It was weird because he would have a segment about a scientist who went against the "consensus" at a time in history and shout how wonderful it is to question everything. Then he would talk about global warming and how settled the science was. It was completely illogical.


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