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Hyperdunk 2013 TB



Nike Hyperdunk 2013 TB are the basket ball shoes which have superior foot control and stability to offer. These shoes have been made from top notch materials which offers long lasting durability. The modern day technologies offer superior comfort and shocks absorption to allow you to stay on your feet all day long. The upper of these shoes has dynamic Flywire system which is super strong and it has been made from nylon cables which is very lightweight. This system locks your feet down securely to ensure premium fit and feel. The interior has Lunarlon cushioning which features soft foam core which offers stunning shocks absorption upon impact to make your ride more resilient and stable. This cushioning system deliver luxurious comfort to your feet and it fades away harmful shock and stress to keep your ride smooth and stress free. The upper features abrasion resistant mesh which has been placed at the midfoot to improve breathability. This mesh allows fresh air to pass through these shoes to keep the interior environment cool and fresh. The upper has tongue cushioned with foam which offers snug and comfort fit and it also keeps your feet protected from lace pressure. The upper has lace up closure system which allows you customized and snug fit for ultimate performance. The upper also has padded collar which delivers cushioning and support to your ankle for added comfort. The midsole of these shoes has been extended to the heel which offers more support and stability to allow you quick and easy mobility. The outsole has been made of solid rubber which delivers excellent durability. The outsole has lightweight construction and it offers flexibility to allow natural ride. The outsole has pivot point and modified herringbone pattern which have been engineered to ensure multi-directional traction on various terrains. These imported shoes weigh 14 ounces as per size 11. This style can be found in these colors: Metallic Silver/ Bright Crimson/ Gym Red, Metallic Silver/ White/ Matte Silver/ Black and Metallic Silver/ White/ Blue Hero/ Game Royal.




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