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Nike Lunar LDV Trail Mid are hiking shoes which have ultimate looks and premium performance to offer. These shoes have been made from tons of technologies which work together to deliver you stunning performance on rough and uneven terrains. These shoes have stunning cushioning and shocks absorption to offer which allows you to cover long distances without fatigue or discomfort. These shoes have upper made from combination of mesh and leather and it feature overlays of suede. The upper has been engineered to allow excellent structural strength to the upper so it can withstand punishing terrains. The upper also offers breathability to allow fresh air to pass through these shoes to keep the interior fresh. The upper has padded collar which offers snug fit and it also keeps your ankle in great comfort. This collar has mid high silhouette and at the back there is pull on loop which allows you effortless on and off wearing. The tongue has also been padded to deliver keep the lace pressure off and to ensure comfortable fit. The upper has lace up closure system which allows you personalized and secure fastening. The interior has been lined with textile which is super soft and it wicks the moisture off your feet for dry, fresh and odorless interior environment. This lining deliver supremely comfortable instep feel and it offers protection from irritation. The footbed has cushioning from heel to toe which offers walk on the cloud feeling so you can travel long distances on rough terrains without any problem. The midsole of these shoes has been made from Lunarlon which offers resilient and bouncy ride to ensure energy return. This midsole fades away harmful shocks and it ensures ultimate comfort and cushioning. The outsole has been made from high quality rubber which offers long lasting wear. The outsole also offers stability and flexibility to keep your ride smooth. The outsole has aggressive waffle pattern which offers grip on multiple terrains for slip resistant and secure ride. These imported shoes weigh 1 pound as per size 11.5. This style can be found in these colors: Black/ Laser Orange/ Pale Grey/ Cool Grey and Medium Olive/ Dark Sea/ Dust Grey/ Dark Loden.





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