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Nike Cortez Leather are classic and evergreen sneakers which have premium style and looks to offer. These shoes have been made from top notch and finest quality materials to deliver you endless durability and long lasting wear. The soft and smooth interior deliver luxurious comfort and allows you to wear these shoes all day long. These shoes have upper made from leather which is very lightweight and it offers comfortable fit. The upper has low cut collar silhouette which offers comfort around your ankles and offers natural fit. The upper lace traditional lace up closure system which features metal decal. The lacing system allows you to lock your foot down securely to ensure greater fit and excellent performance. These shoes have padded tongue which offers comfort to your feet and it keeps the lace pressure off your feet as well. The interior has been lined with fabric which deliver stunning comfort and excellent instep feel. The lining draws off the moisture from your feet and it delivers you fresh and healthy wearing. The upper has Classic Nike Swoosh logo on the top which shows off your stunning brand choice. The footbed has been padded from heel to toe to keep your feet on stunningly comfortable surface to ensure stress free wearing. The midsole has been made form EVA which is highly shocks absorbing material which it attenuates shocks and stress upon impact to keep the comfort at maximum. The midsole also offers support and it molds as per the shape of your feet to deliver you customized fit. These shoes have wedge style heel which adds classic looks. This wedge heel has been made from two tone EVA which enhances the shocks attenuation to ensure luxurious and stunning comfort. The outsole has been made from solid rubber which offers endless durability to the high wear areas of the outsole for long term use. The outsole has classic herringbone pattern which has been engineered to deliver traction on multiple terrains for skid free ride. These imported shoes weigh 13 ounces as per size 9. This style can be found in these colors: White/ White/ Black.


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