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Nike Nike Free Bionic BP are lightweight cross training shoes which have women specific silhouette to deliver additional cushioning and enhanced comfort. These shoes have been made from soft materials which deliver long lasting durability and comfortable fit. The modern day technologies combine to ensure excellent foot control and mobility. These shoes have upper made from Monomesh which is very lightweight and it provides protection against various elements while allowing breathability to keep the interior environment fresh and cool. The upper has lace up closure system which offers secure, snug and customized fit to ensure best performance. The upper has articulated design which ensure ergonomic comfort and support. The interior has been engineered to deliver exceptional comfort and support so you can cover miles after miles with zero stress or discomfort. The interior heel has been lined with Neoprene which offers support and comfort and it also deliver premium instep feel. The lacing system of these shoes has been attached with the Flywire technology which wraps underneath the foot to securely lock the foot down for best performance. The interior features Outlast technology which has been designed to absorb additional body to heat to regulate the interior temperature. The upper has reflective elements which makes these shoes more visible during low light conditions. The interior has Cushlon pod under the heel which attenuates shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful shocks and stress. The outsole features Nike Free flex grooves which offers barefoot like feel and it also offers excellent flexibility to make your ride more controlled and stable. The outsole has been configured with the unique pattern which offers traction on multiple terrains for slip resistant and secure ride. These imported shoes weigh just 8 ounces as per size 8.5 which is very lightweight. This style can be found in these colors: Black/ Wolf Grey/ Dark Grey/ Black.


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Convention wisdom since the 1700s and Adam Smith (maybe before that with French monopolists under Louis the 14th), but since the author is a highly successful tech mogul, we are supposed to treat this as brilliant and path-breaking?  Tedd, I thought it was predictable that almost everyone would oppose Peter. He is selling a book and looking for controversy. I agreed with his point and yours but recharacterized the argument in a different language frame much earlier today. As an entrepreneur you may find that language inspirational as well. Few, if any, monopolies arise without the active involvement of government. That involvement can include the deliberate disregard of coercion and force on the part of that newly arisen monopoly. NO monopoly survives without similar involvement by government. Neither of these situations have anything to do with free-market capitalism. The editorial choices beyond allowing such a thoroughly muddled thought process to be presented in writing must be fascinating. Be like Google and you'll never have to compete... that is, after you enter a search business with a significant number of competitors as a very late entrant, and compete so effectively that you take it over. Never compete in highly competitive businesses like airlines... and you'll never be the next Southwest.

Even his last statement that every failed company lost out to competition is so quickly and easily falsifiable that it's bizarre. Every generation has a dunce with a mouthpiece who chooses to forget (or never earned) the economic teachings of the ages and repeats the same mistakes. Is the social purpose of economic organization to enhance human society or the individual's own advantage, which can usually be mostly a temporary aberration in any event? The social welfare loss of monopoly is well documented. And perfect competition can't exist, but is the path to innovation and efficiency. Typical snake oil salesman who takes words, disregards their meaning and uses them in different ways to impress, to explain the chic of his special blend of snake oil. If you look closer you'll find the truth.

The monopoly he talks about is nothing more than an competitive advantage. Google and apple maintain their's because no one has challenged them so far and the premiums they charge are not too onerous. Once they fail to adapt a new technology or their prices gouge too deep, they will fall from their lofty perches. Competition mandates this outcome in the form of new ideas and better offerings.


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