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Nike Studio Trainer are very lightweight trainers which have been engineered to deliver ultimate performance on all types of indoor terrains. These shoes have specially designed outsole which offers grip on Gym or Studio surfaces to ensure greater performance. The shock absorbing interior takes the comfort on the whole new level to deliver you hours of workout with stress. These shoes have seamless upper which has been made from synthetic leather and leather combination. The upper has long lasting durability to offer and it deliver premium flexibility to allow natural foot movement. The upper has perforated details at the side panels and at the toe box which allows fresh air to channel through these shoes to keep the interior environment cool. The collar has light padded to add support and comfort. The tongue has been lined with mesh which adds more breathability to ensure fresh and healthy interior environment. The upper has lace up closure system which allow you personalized and perfect fit. These shoes have interior lined with textile which offers superior instep feel and irritation free wearing. This lining keeps your feet fresh and healthy by absorbing the moisture off them. The footbed has been made from Nike Fitsole technology which makes the footbed contour as per the shape of your feet for perfect and customized fit. The footbed offers impact protection and it fades away harmful shocks with each step for all day long luxurious comfort. The midsole of these shoes have low profile and it has been designed to offers exceptional flexibility and shocks absorption. The midsole also delivers support and it works with footbed to take the comfort on the whole new level. These shoes have rubber inserts in the heel and toe to provide grip on multiple indoor terrains. The outsole has pivot point which assist in dance motions. These imported shoes weigh just 6 ounces as per size 8.5 which is stunningly lightweight as compare to most of the studio shoes. This style can be found in these colors: Metallic Platinum/ Pure Platinum/ Summit White, Volt/ Electro Purple/ Cool Grey, Pink Foil/ Canyon Grey/ Black and Metallic Silver/ Anthracite/ Black.




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