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Nike Roshe Run are eye-catching sneakers which can be used everyday for training and for casual use. These shoes have lightweight construction and cushioned interior which allows you to keep on wearing them all day long. The modern day technologies and premium materials are bonded to make these shoes long lasting and extremely comfortable. The upper of these shoes has been made from full mesh which offers premium breathability and it also molds as per the shape of your feet to deliver you custom fit. The upper has pull on tab at the heel which allows you fast on and off wearing. The lace up closure system on the top offers customized and secure fit to ensure greater wearing. The tongue has webbing silhouette which offers breathability and it has been padded to keep the comfort at maximum. The collar has been padded as well which offers support to your ankle. These shoes have interior lined with mesh which adds more breathability and it delivers ultimate instep feel. This lining wicks off the moisture from your feet and it keeps the interior fresh and dry. These shoes have SolarSoft footbed which deliver plush soft cushioning and it also offers luxurious comfort. The overall interior of these shoes has been designed to use with or without socks. The midsole has been made from Phylon which attenuates shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful shocks and stress to ensure luxurious comfort. The midsole also adds greater support and stability to allow you all day long wearing without fatigue. The outsole has been made from Phylon has well to ensure lightweight design and long lasting durability. The outsole has waffle tread pattern which offers grip on different types of terrains for slip resistant and secure ride. These imported shoes weigh 10 ounces as per size 11. This style can be found in these colors: Sail/ Team Red, Dark Pewter/ Total Crimson/ Dusty Grey/ Dusty Grey, Black/ Midnight Turquoise/ Dark Loden/ Dark Loden, Dark Pewter/ Total Crimson/ Challenge Red, Anthracite/ Sail/ Black, Dark Charcoal/ Pink Foil/ Black/ Black and Medium Grey/ Hyper Blue/ Gamma Grey/ Black.




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Dow components in 1896 could all be said to be monopolies at that time. Look how many were still in the league of Dow. None except GE which has evolved into a totally different company with GE capital (a financial business) takes up a big percentage of its whole business. Look at the "monopolies" of the 1990s like Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and compare to their position in today's world wide market place. What has happened to Kodak?  The high tech is a much less "monopoly" business than say heavy industrial, aerospace or railway industries. Just read some of the comments from Jeff B of Amazon would make one understand. He is worried all the time because we never know who will discover the next "hot" thing to change the whole game. Apple disrupted many industries, and now itself is being disrupted by Koreans and very likely Chinese soon.

I don't see Boeing will be disrupted by Koreans or Chinese anytime soon, neither US railway companies. Simple: barriers to entry is much higher for aerospace (Boeing and Airbus) than for basically idea and software based so called "monopoly" high tech. This author is a classic example of a Monday night quarterback. The market place is efficient. If there is room for another fast food restaurant to make a buck across or next to a McDonald's, you will see one pop up. If someone is as able as Google come along, you will see a new player come to compete for a slice in search engine biz. Things can certainly change in the high tech world. I remember in the 1990s when people used to call Microsoft "the beast from Redmond" and Apple was pretty close to going out of business. Google wasn't even dreamed up then.

Microsoft used to get a good bit of heat from the government for their monopolistic behavior. The worm might be turning now and these things might happen to Google and Apple. We shall see. Most of us love to be in "monopoly" businesses, just like restaurateurs would love to be in "Monopoly" businesses instead of sweating out 7 days a week. I am sure the janitors, the dish washers, the burger flippers would love to have a brain to make them be part of "monopoly" too. But we are not created equal and don't' have the same LUCK either. Most don't even know what source code means let alone trying to be another Google or Tesla. Goolge is unique therefore it is an exception to the rule. And that "exception" has its shelf life just like Micorsoft

3. Many in so called perfect competition businesses stay there for many reasons: legacy capital and human investment is one. Know how to exist and make a profit in that familiar environment is two. No airliners want to walk away from their decades of investment in equipment and personnel especially knowing the market is always going to be there for them to make a profit (even with a unionized work force) no matter how competitive. The dream of every entrepreneur is to invent and market a product that no one else has thought of. The founder of Chic-Fil-A passed away this week. His success was based on a new, but simple product -- boneless chicken breast sandwich. But now that the product is available everywhere his initial advantage is gone. So Chic-Fil-A competes on quality, service, and brand loyalty -- just like all of it's competitors. Chipotle Mexican Grill is another restaurant success story because they offer a unique product. Soon their competitors will catch up and Chipotle's profit margins will shrink. Apparently Mr. Thiel plays in a different league, one not satisfied with out-competing on mundane but necessary products. I think of it as the business frontiers, where new, game-changing products are the goal and stunning growth and profits the rewards. Total flame-out failure is the risk. Not everyone prefers that league.


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