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Nike Zoom Born Ready are performance basketball shoes which have dynamic and powerful design to deliver you exceptional game play. These shoes have been engineered to deliver the edge you require to perform at maximum level. The perfectly engineered silhouette from rich materials and technologies ensure long lasting durability and exceptional comfort. These shoes have upper made from the combination of mesh and synthetic material. The mesh offers breathability to ensure healthy and fresh interior environment while the synthetic materials deliver long lasting wear and it gives strength to the upper. The collar has been padded which offers great support and comfort to your ankle. The tongue has been padded as well which offers snug and comfortable fit. These shoes have lace up closure which features high contrast laces. The lacing system allows you personalized fastening to ensure secure fit for better performance. The interior has soft lining of mesh which enhances the breathability by allows maximum air to channel through these shoes. This lining offers dry and fresh wearing by absorbing the moisture off your feet and it also offers protection from irritation. The insole has been fully padded which keeps the feet in premium comfort and it also offers protection from shocks and stress. The toe box has perforated details which enhances the breathability to ensure cooler interior environment. The midsole has been made from Phylon which is highly responsive and makes your ride more resilient. The midsole disperses shocks upon impact and it fades away harmful stress to keep your ride smooth and comfortable. The heel unit of these shoes has Nike Zoom technology which also offers bouncy and resilient ride by absorbing maximum shocks. The outsole has been made from rubber which offers long lasting reliability. The outsole has aggressive tread pattern which has been designed to provide premium grip on multiple terrains for rapid directional change and quick cuts. The outsole has flex grooves as well which add stunning flexibility to allow you unmatched mobility. These imported shoes weigh 15 ounces as per size 11. This style can be found in these colors: University Red/ Court Purple/ Black/ Mine Grey, University Red/ Cool Grey/ Black and Green Glow/ Dark Obsidian/ Brave Blue.





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One of the weakest Saturday essays I can recall. Redefine the word monopoly and voila. My favorite... "A monopoly like Google is different. Since it doesn't have to worry about competing with anyone, it has wider latitude to care about its workers, its products and its impact on the wider world." Interesting article, but it is missing the major point about monopolies. If a company develops a monopoly position (little or no competition) by offering a superior good or service at a fair price in a free market, then that is good for the company, shareholders, customers, and public. But if the company develops the monopoly through government cronyism and coercion, then that is bad for all but the shareholders. Unfortunately, most monopolies are generated through government coercion and interference, and therefore are bad. The articles does have this: "To an economist, every monopoly looks the same, whether it deviously eliminates rivals, secures a license from the state or innovates its way to the top. I'm not interested in illegal bullies or government favorites: By "monopoly," I mean the kind of company that is so good at what it does that no other firm can offer a close substitute."

One of the finest pieces of economic ignorance in decades. There is no such thing as a market monopoly. Only governments can create monopolies, through regulations (even supposedly innocuous ones like patent protections and licensing laws). Mr Thiel is either making up his own definition of monopoly, or he got his ideas from the board game of the same name. Google as an example of a) a company without competition and b) that takes ethics seriously is ridiculous. It's easy, perhaps, to forget about companies like Apple, whose products directly compete (mobile operating systems, devices, mobile search, mapping, cloud storage). Only slightly more understandable is the glaring oversight of Google's complicity with foreign governments who demand censorship of search and video content, access to emails, and other "evil" practices. Of course, ending with a quote from "Anna Karenina" lends far greater gravitas than had Mr Thiel quoted an actual economics sage such as Rothbard or von Mises.

Although the author is too sanguine about monopolies, I disagree with you. Railroads are market monopolies, and provide much better service than when they were tightly regulated prior to 1981. Standard Oil was also largely a market monopoly, although clearly a pernicious one. Government sponsored monopolies (Comcast comes to mind) clearly are disasters for consumers, however. The only ethics Google pays attention to are its own desires to control the population. Schmidt once basically said the general public were a bunch of sheep that had to be guided, by Google of course. Sergey Brin has the same attitude. They are a bunch of arrogant control freaks.


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